Junák - český skaut, středisko Šedého vlka Broumov, z.s. 523.06

Scout Broumov

We are scout unit located in town Broumov. Our unit is  part of Junák – Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic, member of WOSM andWAGGS.

We are small scout unit in town with long history (dated from year 1255) and beautiful countryside full of plants and rocks.

We are divided into few groups to create better targeted program.
Main four groups:
girls 6-11 years
girls 11-15 years
boys 7-11 years
boys 11-16 years


ing. Václav Janoušek 
phone.: +420 491 522 697
E-mail: Vaclav.Janousek@veba.cz 


More information about czech scouting and our town Broumov

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